Han's laser 10000 watt laser cutting ignites a new "engine" for intelligent ship building
Release time:2023.03.31
According to the data released by the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, in 2022, China's shipbuilding international market share has ranked first in the world for 13 consecutive years. (Source: Securities Times)
In September 2022, the five departments jointly issued opinions to accelerate the green and intelligent development of inland ships. (Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website)
China's shipbuilding industry is developing vigorously. The state and relevant ministries and commissions have issued a series of policies to encourage and support the transformation of the shipbuilding industry. The shipbuilding industry has entered a crucial period of transformation and upgrading. Green intelligent manufacturing will bring new opportunities for China's shipbuilding industry to realize its transformation from large to strong.
The "Hidden Corner" of Ship Manufacturing
In ship manufacturing, the thickness of plates required for accessories such as decks, ribs, brackets, ribs, and side outer plates of large ships such as cargo ships, oil tankers, and container ships is mostly between 10 and 40 mm. In order to facilitate later welding, some thick plate materials need to be cut into grooves.
Han's Laser Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Intelligent Equipment"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Han's Laser, has high cutting accuracy, good section perpendicularity, good groove forming effect, high cutting efficiency, and green environmental protection. It can effectively solve the problems of large thermal deformation and heavy pollution in traditional cutting processes (such as flame cutting and plasma cutting), and assist in green intelligent manufacturing in the shipbuilding industry.

High power laser cutting machine
Enable green intelligent building of ships

Intelligent equipment high-power equipment has formed a mature product line, developed a variety of cutting process technologies, and applied nitrogen, oxygen, and air to cutting of different materials and thicknesses based on the cutting process, achieving the effect of improving cutting efficiency, improving cutting quality, and reducing processing costs.
Many series of Han's laser equipment are fitted to the working conditions of the shipbuilding industry, accurately meeting the market demand for intelligent shipbuilding.

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