The upgrade of the application of precision welding
Release time:2023.04.07
Consumer electronics is one of the main application industries of laser welding. With non-contact, high-precision, flexible and other characteristics, laser welding can achieve the fine and micro processing of consumer electronics and effectively meet the overall requirements of 3C products for fast, efficient, stable, reliable and beautiful appearance.
The application of Han's laser in the consumer electronics industry is very extensive. In the laser welding and automation integration application of mobile phone functional components, it has formed a core laser source, standard machine, customized automation system for laser welding, and fully automated production line. At the same time, relying on continuous research and technological innovation in product details, we provide highly competitive and leading solutions for laser welding and automation integration of mobile phone functional components such as plates, studs, and shrapnel for global industrial users.
Based on product characteristics and production capacity requirements, a series of standard welding workbenches, automated welding systems, and industry-specific automation equipment have been developed to provide customers with overall solutions for intelligent factories.

Innovation is the primary driving force behind enterprise development. Based on the mobile phone products, mobile phone communications, and electronic components industries, Han's Laser has continued to work hard and devote itself to the laser welding and automation application of 3C consumer electronics such as mobile phone plates, studs, and shrapnels.

Laser welding applications for mobile phone accessories and connectors.
Laser welding and automation integration applications are concentrated in various sub fields such as motors, VCMs, mobile phone shrapnel, cameras, studs, shielding covers, fuses, heat sinks, fingerprint modules, SD card holders, mobile phone spindles, mobile phone antennas, camera brackets, earphones, mobile phone function keys, connectors, connectors, strips, wires, wireless charging, charging heads, etc.

Camera automatic welding system
This equipment adopts clip loading, robot automatic loading and unloading, automatic CCD positioning, and achieve fully automatic assembly, welding, and testing of the product. Provide users with efficient and stable intelligent overall solutions to meet the assembly, welding, and testing requirements of various cameras. High precision positioning, fully automated process, greatly improving product processing efficiency and quality, saving manpower and costs.

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