Incorruption supervision

In order to promote the construction of incorruption culture of the Han's group, improve the employee's sense of incorruption and self-discipline and the ability of resist corruption,the group has particularly established the disciplinary supervision committee for protecting the legitimate rights and interests both the company and individuals to supervise and urge all divisions, subsidiaries, stock holding companies and employees behavior management, escort the development of the company. The disciplinary supervision committee encourages all employees, business partners and social units to supervise and report all divisions, subsidiaries, holding companies and individuals who violates the incorruption behavior.

In order to ensure that all units and individuals exercise the right to supervise and report, the reports accepted by the Disciplinary Supervision Committee will be kept strictly confidential. To this end, the Group has provided the following system guarantees:

“Interim provisions for discipline supervision of Han's group”

“Sourcing incorruption behavior criterion”

“Incorruptible transaction agreement”

“An open letter about incorruption to cooperative partners”


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