Laser | Suppress welding spatter "ceiling" ABS new 1500/2000 laser
Release time:2023.03.15
With the increase of penetration and sales of new energy vehicles, the automobile market has changed significantly. Not only is the new energy vehicle industry growing at a high speed, but the supporting industry chain continues to show a trend of high prosperity, and the demand for the installed capacity and performance of steam power batteries is also increasing. At present, the global power battery field presents the market demand of large capacity, high energy density, long life, ultra-fast charging, and high cost performance, which also puts forward higher performance requirements for our large family of photonic lasers.

As we all know, splash will affect the appearance, performance and safety of products, and bring serious negative impact on product optimization. Large group of photon studies found that due to its strong focus and wave length, fiber laser is easy to produce local overheating in the weld pool on the wall of the small hole, coupled with poor matching of welding parameters and poor stability of the weld pool, resulting in spatter.
In order to suppress the spatter and improve the welding effect, Han's Photon R&D team launched the variable spot project, and developed a unique variable spot (the central and outer ring beams can be independently controlled) technology, which can be arbitrarily combined. Different spot modes can be used for different application scenarios, which can effectively suppress the spatter generated during welding. Through the unremitting efforts and scientific research investment of the R&D team, the new product of Han's Photon ABS family has come to the world with glory——

Single-mode variable spot fiber laser
Highlight advantages

The unique single-mode variable spot (the central single-mode beam and the outer ring beam can be independently controlled) technology developed by Han's Photonics has realized a complete set of solutions from the Gaussian beam to the flat-topped beam, which can match a variety of application scenarios, and can effectively suppress the spatter generated during welding, reaching the international leading level.
The product is welded with single-mode annular 14/100um, with good weld forming effect, low heat input, good stability and high yield. The customer's on-site burst rate is less than 0.1%, far better than the conventional laser's 2% burst rate.
Application area
1. Welding application of new energy batteries, welding application in automobile industry
2. Hardware, furniture and other welding applications, engineering machinery, construction industry welding applications, solar photovoltaic industry applications
3.3D printing and other additive manufacturing applications and laser cleaning.
4. Laser cladding, laser quenching

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