Collaborative robot makes a huge difference in the industrial field
Release time:2023.03.09
Industrial robots meet the needs of social production and bring economic benefits. Han’s Laser Elfin series 6 axis collaborative robot can be applied to automatically integrated production line, assembling, picking, welding, grinding, painting and other fields, successfully exported to more than 50 countries and regions including Europe, USA, Japan, India and so on.
Its features include:
1. It has strong adaptability to the environment, and can replace people in dangerous and harmful operations. In places where long-term work is harmful to human body, the robot will not be affected. As long as it is reasonably calculated according to the workpiece environment and appropriate materials and structures are selected, the robot can work under the action of abnormal high or low temperature, abnormal pressure and harmful gases, dust and radiation. 

 2. The robot can be durable and sustainable, can free people from heavy and monotonous labor, and can expand and extend human functions. As long as you pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the robot, you can be competent for long time monotonous repetitive work. 

3. Accurate action can ensure and improve the quality of the product, and at the same time avoid manual operation errors. 

4. Good versatility and flexibility, especially the general industrial robot, can adapt to the requirements of rapid changes in product varieties and meet the needs of flexible production. This is because the action program and movement position (or track) of the robot can be flexibly changed, with many degrees of freedom, and can quickly change the operation content to meet the requirements of production. As a medium and small batch production automation, it can perfectly play its role. 
5. Using a robot can significantly improve labor productivity and reduce costs.

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