Application of Laser Marking Machine in wine industry
Release time:2020.08.18

Alcohol manufacture started in an organized fashion about 10,000 years ago, when a fermented drink was produced from honey and wild yeasts. Alcohol has played a central role in almost all human cultures since Neolithic times (about 4000 BC). All societies, without exception, make use of intoxicating substances, alcohol being by far the most common. From the earliest recorded use of alcohol, drinking has been a social activity, and both consumption and behavior have been subject to self-imposed social controls. People cannot live without alcohol beverage so size of alcohol’s market is extremely huge.


The glass bottle and can is majority container for alcohol beverage products in twenty-first century. As a leader in the laser equipment manufacture field, Han’s laser offered several machine for marking on the glass bottle and can. There are many kinds of material that can be used to produce container of alcohol beverage, including metals, ceramics, and glass and so on. Currently, Han's laser products 3 series machine including CO2 laser flying marking machine, fiber laser flying marking machine, and ultraviolet laser flying marking machine. These machines can completely realize the marking on the different material.

The printed objects include wine bottles, wine lids, wine boxes and wine boxes. The laser flying marking machine has high mobility. Not only laser marking machine can print on the designated position, but also laser marking machine can achieve marking at any angle, which is very flexible for our clients. Our laser marking machine can create permanent marking and non-erasable characteristics of laser flying marking effectively to solve safety problem for businesses. Laser marking is a great way to achieve anti-counterfeiting effect and it can print QR code to help company tracing their products.







Recommend Machine Model

CO2 series

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UV series

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