Han's Laser was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Automotive Manufacturing Process Solutions by VIKO Cup · OFweek 2023"
Release time:2023.09.04
The results of the "Vico Cup · OFweek 2023 China Automotive Industry Annual Selection", hosted by the high-tech industry portal OFweek Vico Net and organized by OFweek Vico Net · Laser, were announced on August 29th. This year's selection has set up four major awards. Following the principles of "fairness, impartiality, and openness", the organizers have put a lot of time and efforts. After several months of intense selection, Han's Laser Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd. ultimately won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Automotive Manufacturing Process Solution of VIKO Cup · OFweek 2023" with its thermoforming three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machine.

Han's Laser has broken the international monopoly and is the first to independently develop a three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machine in China, obtaining multiple technical patents. This product integrates high-efficiency laser technology, high-speed and high-precision automated electromechanical technology, and three-dimensional and five-axis laser processing technology for processing complex contour and irregular parts with infinite rotation in multiple poses, effectively solving the processing pain points of complex automotive thermoforming workpieces, achieving high-speed and high-precision cutting and processing. It is a high-end equipment for automotive  thermoforming parts processing, and not only has important significance for upgrading automotive manufacturing towards a lighter and safer direction, and it has environmental significance for energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, Han's Laser has formed a series of standard products for thermoforming 3D five axis laser cutting, which mainly meet the needs of automotive thermoforming users. Whether it is small and medium-sized thermoforming workpieces or large automotive side wall 3D parts, they can achieve high-precision and efficient processing.

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