Application of Laser Jet Code Visual Inspection and Sorting System in the Edible Oil Industry
Release time:2023.04.21
Edible oil is an indispensable consumable in people's lives. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of the quality of edible oil is increasing day by day. The laser spray code marking on edible oil barrels has become a quality label for edible oil. Laser spray code is widely used in the field of labeling due to its advantages of high efficiency, non -alteration, no consumables, and no pollution. It can label different information such as specifications, production dates, batch numbers, etc. for each barrel of edible oil, and is a fundamental and necessary means of ensuring the quality of edible oil.
The traditional laser code spraying edible oil detection mainly relies on manual labor, but the human eye's supervisory detection has limitations. In order to adapt to modern production standards, it is necessary to improve the quality detection level of the edible oil production process. In the edible oil industry, the laser code spraying visual sorting system is applied, and advanced machine vision and automation control technology can perfectly replace manual detection, improving detection speed and accuracy.
Visual inspection and sorting system is a kind of artificial intelligence technology that uses machine vision, computer application science, automatic control and other disciplines domain knowledge. Generally speaking, it is a kind of artificial intelligence technology that uses cameras to replace human eyes, image processing and algorithm functions to replace human brains, extracts and analyzes features of objects, and then makes judgments to control the production process.
The edible oil laser inkjet visual inspection and sorting system flexibly utilizes various technologies and algorithms, which can quickly and accurately detect inkjet information. Compared with the corresponding inkjet information, it realizes the visual inspection and automatic sorting functions of edible oil laser inkjet, replaces manual sorting, improves production efficiency and automation level, liberates labor, and reduces production costs. Once errors, omissions, stains, overlaps, and skews are detected, the visual system will automatically alert the user and execute pre-set automatic control program actions to eliminate non-conforming products.

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