Practical application of laser glass welding
Release time:2022.07.15
Ultrashort pulse laser combined with sophisticated self-focusing technology provides the required quality and process reliability, making it possible to apply laser glass welding to mass production.

Inosculate as a whole

All traditional methods for welding glass are difficult to provide the required accuracy, bonding quality and production speed for cost-effective mass production. For example, adhesive bonding is an economical method, but it will leave adhesive material on the parts, and even require degassing.

Laser glass welding
What about laser welding? Glass has many useful properties, such as extremely high melting point, transparency, brittleness and mechanical rigidity, but it also brings many difficulties to laser welding. Therefore, typical industrial lasers and methods for welding metals and other materials are not applicable to glass.
Just like precision glass cutting, the secret lies in the use of infrared wavelength ultra short pulse (USP) lasers.
Therefore, in a very small area (usually less than tens of microns in diameter) around the focus of the laser beam, the glass absorbs the laser and melts rapidly. The focused beam scans along the required welding path to complete the bonding, just like other forms of laser welding.

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