New favorite of kitchenware industry: Han's laser lion series
Release time:2021.11.19
New favorite of kitchenware industry: Han's laser lion series

As we all know, kitchenware, as a daily necessity, is closely related to people's life. Especially with the rising demand for the quality of life, people also have higher quality

requirements for kitchenware. It requires both the durability and quality.

Traditional kitchenware processing methods, such as cold punching, cold cutting, plate cutting, etc.: large environmental pollution, many burrs, and subsequent treatment

is also laborious. At the same time, the traditional process requires a large number of molds, design and manufacturing cycles, low efficiency and high cost.

Lion laser cutting equipment is independently developed. The laser beam has high precision, small slit, material saving and smooth cutting surface. The matching

professional CNC system is easy to operate, and can accurately complete the blanking of single material sheet metal with multiple graphics, greatly reduce the rising

pressure of labor cost, reduce labor error, and then increase the yield of kitchenware.

It has great advantages in product type, processing accuracy, processing quality and production cycle. Even the metal plate cutting of boxes and cabinets and the

punching and cutting of various small tools are difficult to defeat lion laser cutting equipment.

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