What is the role of laser cutting machine in the process of mass production of chips in China?
Release time:2021.09.10
What is the role of laser cutting machine in the process of mass production of chips in China?


With the breakthrough of information industry technology and the development of 6G communication technology, China has stood at the top.
China will also have the ability to manufacture high-end chips in the future. It is true that with the continuous accumulation of our innovative technologies, the mass

production of 7Nm chips will be realized soon. Mobile phone, automobile and other technology enterprises that have stopped development because of chip

problems will see the hope of themselves.

What is the important role of laser cutting machine in chip manufacturing?
In chip manufacturing, the wafer is the core raw material of the chip. The laser cutting function can well meet the wafer cutting, and can effectively avoid the

problems of grinding wheel dicing


1. Non contact processing: in laser processing, only the laser beam is in contact with the processed parts, and there is no cutting force acting on the cut parts to

avoid damage to the surface of the processed materials.

2. High machining precision and small thermal impact: pulse laser can achieve high instantaneous power, high energy density and low average power, and can

complete machining instantly with very small heat affected area, so as to ensure high precision machining and small heat affected area.

3. High processing efficiency and good economic benefits: the laser processing efficiency is often several times of the machining effect, and there is no

consumables and no pollution. The laser stealth cutting technology of semiconductor wafer is a new laser cutting process, which has many advantages, such as

high cutting speed, no dust, no cutting substrate consumption, small cutting path, complete dry process and so on.

The main principle of laser cutting is to focus the short pulse laser beam through the material surface in the middle of the material, form a calcareous layer in the

middle of the material, and then apply external pressure to separate the chips.

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