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Fiber transmission laser adopts laser power real-time feedback control system that can combine laser power detection device based on preset laser waveform to realize real-time closed-loop control of laser power supply and adjust output current of power supply, thus automatically stabilizing laser energy. Laser power real-time feedback control system can exclude laser energy instability phenomenon caused by power grid fluctuation, temperature change and xenon lamp aging, and therefore improve the uniformity of welding products.
Laser model  WCF80 WCF150 WF350 WF600
Laser type  YAG YAG YAG YAG
Laser wavelength  1064nm  1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Laser output average power  80W 150W 300W 600W
Max. laser peak power 5kW 6kW 6kW 9Kw (12kW optional)
Max. laser pulse energy  30J 30J 30J (standard) 50J/ (90J optional)
60J/90J (optional)
Pulse width  ≤50ms  ≤50ms ≤50ms ≤50ms
Pulse frequency  ≤100Hz ≤200Hz ≤200Hz ≤200Hz
Waveform number  50 groups  50 groups 50 groups 50 groups
Fiber transmission number  2 paths  2 path  2 paths standard, 4 paths at most  1 path standard, 4 paths at most 
Beam split mode  Time splitting Time splitting High speed beam split  Energy splitting or time splitting
Fiber core diameter  0.4mm  0.6mm  0.6mm (standard) 0.3/0.4mm optional  0.6mm 
Closed-loop feedback control mode  Laser power feedback  Laser power feedback Laser power feedback Laser power feedback
Aiming positioning mode  Red light guide (CCD optional)  Red light guide (CCD optional) Red light guide (CCD optional) Red light guide (CCD optional)
Cooling mode  Internal air cooling  Internal air cooling (external water cooling optional) External water cooling  External water cooling 
Main machine power consumption  5kW 7kW 16.5kW 20kW
Power demand (voltage, frequency and current) 220V±10%/50Hz 25A  380V±10%/50Hz 32A 380V±10%/50Hz 40A 380V±10%/50Hz 42A
Main machine weight  350kg 350kg 450kg  500kg 
Main machine dimension (L*W*H) 1280x550x1165mm  1280x550x1165mm 1480x610x1100mm 1518x700x1180mm 
Water chiller rated power  —— —— 3.5kW 9.7kW
Water chiller cooling capacity  —— —— 7.5Kw (12.5kW optional) 17.5kW
Water chiller power demand  —— —— 220V±10% 50Hz 16.5A 380V±10%/50Hz 17A
Water chiller dimension (L*W*H) —— —— 850x550x1158mm  1156x800x1430mm 
Welding sample
Welding sample
Welding sample
Welding sample
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