UV Nanosecond Laser
UV Nanosecond Laser
Brief Description
Adjustable repetition frequency
Modular design
TEM00 output
High average power output, up to 30W
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Leveraging the extremely small heat-affected zone of "cold processing", it can achieve ultra-fine processing and microstructure production of non-metallic brittle materials in the high-end manufacturing fields, which is widely used in the 3C industry, especially in the key processes of cellphone industry chain. At present, more than 15,000 machines have been launched, leading the market share of similar lasers.

1.    PCB, FPC marking, de-panel, cutting and drilling;
2.    Silicon wafer micro-hole and blind hole processing;
3.    Solar cell process
4.    Silicon wafer scribing
5.    Ceramic scribing, cutting and drilling
6.    Removal of printing ink, PVD coating
7.    Material surface marking
Model HL-NS-355-5/10/15 HL-NS-355-20
Output parameters
Wavelength 355nm
Power 5W/10W/15W 20W
Repetition frequency 10-200 kHz 60-400khz
Pulse width 10-100ns 20-100ns
Pulse stability <3%rms,1σ <3%rms,1σ
Beam parameters  
Spatial pattern TEM00
M2 <1.3
Polarization ratio  100:1 (horizontal)
Spot diameter 1.1 mm ±0.1mm 1.4mm ±0.2mm
Divergence full angle  <2 mrad
Spot symmetry   >90%
Beam pointing <± 25 µrad/°C
Working conditions/requirements
Power supply 100-240V,50 -60Hz
Ready time Standby to ready<10 minutes; Cold start to ready<30 minutes
Temperature range Working: 18~35°C; Non-working: 0~50°C
Humidity 10—90%, no condensation
Cooling requirements Water cooling, chiller accuracy ±0.1°C & flow rate≥6L/min
Overall heat consumption <1000 W  
Size of laser head (L × W × H) 500mm×230.5mm×132mm
Weight of laser head 18kg
Size of controller (L × W × H) 477 mm× 440mm × 177mm
Weight of controller 21kg
pcb cutting
GPP wafer cutting
Cellphone middle frame PVD coating removal
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