Solid Picosecond Laser
Solid Picosecond Laser
Brief Description
It is widely used in processing of brittle materials and super-hard materials to fully solve the micro processing bottleneck of panel display, photovoltaic, semiconductor and other industries
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Product features
Firm and durable industrial mechanical design
Maximum output power 50W@1064nm, 30W@355nm...../532nm
Ultrashort pulse output <10ps
Burst pulse train mode output, the maximum number of 63
Single pulse - 4MHz repetition frequency
Available frequency division according to the demand, the maximum number of 31
POL/POD output & computer remote control
Optional dual-wavelength output function
Temperature and humidity detection self-protection function

1.    Micromachining of brittle materials such as glass, sapphire, ceramics, etc.
2.    Fine marking of ultra-precise mark points and tiny invisible QR code (0.2mm*0.2mm) on the glass materials.
3.    Traceable marking of anti-acid corrosion, anti-oxidation and other functions on metal medical instruments.
4.    Cutting and drilling of plastics, oxides and organics, or surface coating removal.
5.    External LOGO of high-end electronic products.
6.    Fine molding of super-hard materials.
7.    Depth processing on metallic materials without using chemical corrosion.
Model HL-PS-1064-20/30/50 HL-PS-532-12/18/30 HL-PS-355-8/12/20
Output parameters
Wavelength 1064nm 532nm 355nm
Power 20~50 W @ 1000kHz, typical value 12~30W @ 1000kHz, typical value 8~20 W @ 1000kHz, typical value
Repetition frequency Single pulse up to 4000 kHz
Pulse width <10ps
Pulse stability <2% rms @ 1000 kHz, typical value
Beam parameters  
Spatial pattern TEM00
M2 <1.3
Polarization ratio  100:1 (vertical)  100:1 (horizontal)  100:1 (vertical)
Spot diameter 2.1 mm ±0.2mm 2.4 mm ±0.3mm 2.4 mm ±0.3mm
Divergence full angle  <2 mrad
Spot symmetry   >85%
Beam pointing < 25 µrad/°C
Working conditions/requirements
Power supply 100-240V,50 -60Hz
Ready time Standby to ready<10 minutes; Cold start to ready<30 minutes
Temperature range Working: 18~35°C; Non-working: 0~50°C
Humidity 10—90%, no condensation
Cooling requirements Water cooling, chiller accuracy ±0.1°C & flow rate≥6L/min
Overall heat consumption <1000 W
Size of laser head (L × W × H) 700 x 400 x 163 mm
Weight of laser head 56 kg
Size of controller (L × W × H) 440 x 432 x 132mm
Weight of controller                                              19.3kg
Direct cardiovascular incision
Depth character marking behind stainless steel watch
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