Laser Doping Machine
Laser Doping Machine
Brief Description
Suitable for se solar cells and perc solar cells.
Categories PV Industry
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Doping sources pre deposited on the surface of silicon wafer (such as phosphosilicate glass PSG, boron
Silicon glass (BSG, etc.) is reprocessed to remove impurities on the surface or shallow surface of the film
The secondary diffusion in the silicon wafer forms PP + and NN + high-low junctions.

Main Features
532nm green laser, stable and reliable.
The new focusing flat top energy distribution optical path transmission system is designed to effectively improve the optical path stability and minimize the damage of silicon substrate;
Compatible with existing production lines, easy to upgrade and high reliability.
Main Parameters
Event  Technical indicators
Spot shape and size Flat top square light spot, uniform energy distribution, minimize silicon-based damage, 80 - 140um adjustable
Processing battery 1 56mmx1 56m to 185mmx185m, and 210 m.
Machine capacity 7500 ~8000p/ h@166mm (standard machine); 12000p/ h@166mm (customizable)
Laser life 2000 hours
Fragment rate ≤0 .03% 
Slice detection Pre inspection industrial camera, ≥ 10 million pixels; Optional for post inspection
Graphic accuracy ≤±1 5 u m
positioning accuracy Positioning deviation
Operation mode Double track operation, the two tracks are independent of each other and do not interfere with each other
Dust removal and filtration efficiency The dust removal efficiency is greater than 95%, and the dust filtration efficiency is greater than 99%
Feeding mode Loading and unloading on both sides / on the same side is optional
Control system PLC + industrial computer
Interactive interface LCD display, touch operation, online monitoring, authority management, etc
MES With MES information interface
SEM effect of laser doping
Han BSM square light spot
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