Laser Scribing Machine for Thin-film Solar Cell
Laser Scribing Machine for Thin-film Solar Cell
Brief Description
Suitable for thin film batteries such as CIGS, CdTe, perovskite, and color-changing glass.
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Mainly used in P1/P2/P3 laser scribing of thin film solar cells, and laser insulation scribing
The thin film battery is divided into small pieces by laser scribing and connected in series at the same time, so as to reduce the loss of electric energy and increase the output voltage

Main features
  •  The processing quality is good, cut without residue and does not hurt the bottom. The line width is consistent, and the process flow is stable;
  •  Different processing graphics;
  •  Multi-head simultaneous processing, high processing efficiency.
Main Parameters
Basic function Thin-film solar cells P1/ P2/ P3/ laser scribing/ P4
laser edge cleaning (select laser corresponding to different processes)
Can customize thin film solar cell/BIPV/smart photovoltaic glass solution
Laser generator lifetime    10000 hours
Work hole diameter      1500mm/s
The position of the holes that can be machined    multi-channel simultaneous machining
Minimum center distance of machinable holes     Round, square spot
Machining hole position accuracy    ±0P1: 20-60um, P2: 40um-80um P3: 40um-80um
Laser power                     >2MΩ
Hole appearance requirements         >1GΩ@1KV
Laser Scribing
Laser Scribing
Laser Scribing
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