Laser Groove Machine
Laser Groove Machine
Brief Description
PERC&IBC, suitable for single and polycrystalline silicon cells.
Categories PV Industry
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Main Features
  •  532nm green laser, stable and reliable;
  • Groove can be freely set according to requirements: solid line, dotted line, dot, etc.;
  • Double-line structure, high degree of automation, to achieve the upgrade of existing production lines, low cost and high reliability.
Main Parameters
Project Technical indicators
Spot size           35±5um round
Processing graphics, graphics accuracy    solid line, dotted line, dot matrix, ≤±15um
Processing battery size         156mmx156mm~210mmx210mm
Machine capacity 7200-9000p/h@182mm (standard machine); 6500-7000p/h@210mm(standard machine); customizable
Laser generator life        20000 hours
Fragmentation rate ≤0.03%
Industrial camera for pre-inspection of material ≥10 million pixels; optional for post-inspection
Positioning accuracy Positioning deviation: ≤±30um
Operation mode Double-track operation, the two tracks are independent of each other and do not interfere with each other
Dust removal and filtration efficiency   The dust removal efficiency is greater than 95%, and the dust filtration efficiency is greater than 99%
Loading method Both sides/same side loading and unloading optional
Control system PLC + industrial computer
Interactive interface LCD display, touch operation, online monitoring, authority management, etc.
MES    has MES information interface
Laser groove pattern
Laser film opening spot effect
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