Automatic laser cutting machine
Automatic laser cutting machine
Brief Description
main components: a variety of lasers are optional, with high airborne intensity and optimized cutting surface.
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Half chip is one of the most effective ways to improve the power of photovoltaic modules at present. By dividing the whole cell into half chips, the string current is reduced, so as to reduce the power loss of series resistance, in order to achieve the effect of improving the power of modules. According to the current mass production data of the first-line photovoltaic module factory, the power of half module is increased by 6 ~ 7W, and the effect is remarkable.

The automatic laser splitting machine is used for the automatic production of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules.
The scribing module can reduce the string current and reduce the resistance loss, so as to improve the output power of the photovoltaic module.
Main Parameters
Event laser nondestructive cutting remarks
basic function Automatic laser non-destructive cutting and scribing  
Scribing function Multi-scribing switching is optional for process 2 (Scribing 2 ~ 6)  
Cell size 156 x 156 ~ 230x 230, thickness 120 ~ 300u m  
Capacity  (scribing 2) ≥10000P/H  
Fragment rate 0.03% or 0.05%  
Startup rate / failure rate/     ≥98%,failure rate≤2%  
Average laser power Slotted laser≥50w,Split laser≥300W Adjustment range: 10% ~ 100%
Laser life  20000 hrs  
Slotting cutting process Line width ≤ 30um, heat affected zone ≤ 100um, cutting depth adjustable  
Lobes cutting process No heat affected zone, no micro crack and no damage to the surface of the battery  
Battery Specification compatibility Conventional double-sided PERC battery, TOPCON battery, hjt heterojunction battery  
Loading detection Industrial camera ≥ 20 million pixels including ng
Comprehensive positioning accuracy Positioning deviation: ≤± 0.05mm; Angle deviation: ≤ 0.08 °; Scribing deviation ≤± 0.1mm  
Loading and unloading box cache 4 loading caches and 2 unloading caches  
Customization function Feeding code scanning, grid line positioning, sheet turning, PL detection, accurate feeding,
centralized feeding or AGV docking and other functions (can be sent)
Interface /touch screen graphical operation interface  
Function MES port Reservation: parameter setting, fault diagnosis, alarm, product statistics, status record, etc.  
Power supply/  380V 50Hz / 33kw (maximum power consumption) three-phase five wires
Compressed air  0.5~0.8MPa, 1200LPM  
Machine size L3240 x W3810 x H2150(mm)  
Machine weight  6000Kg  
Battery chip
Crystalline silicon section effect
Micrograph of cell slice surface
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