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A layer of anti-reflection silicon nitride film (SixNy) with a thickness of about 75-140nm is deposited on the surface of the silicon wafer
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A layer of anti-reflection silicon nitride film (SixNy) with a thickness of about 75-140nm is deposited on the surface of the silicon wafer, and the surface and interior of the silicon wafer are passivated by using the active H+ ions generated during the deposition process. While reducing light reflection, it also improves the minority carrier lifetime of silicon wafers, which is ultimately directly reflected in the conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon cells, mainly used in the growth of silicon nitride films on the front and back of PERC/TOPCon cells.

Main Parameters
  • Mature high-capacity process, dual-mode temperature control technology, film gauge protection technology;
  • The patented push-pull mechanism supported at both ends can eliminate jitter, increase speed by 30%, increase load capacity, and greatly improve reliability. The time for entering and leaving the boat is not more than 20 seconds (not including picking and placing the boat);
  • Rapid cooling furnace body: the latest patented technology makes the furnace body temperature drop to the required temperature quickly, the cooling rate is increased by more than 25%, which can improve the temperature uniformity in the furnace tube is obviously;
  • Patented parallel heat dissipation method of boat storage position: improve the cooling effect, shorten the cooling time by more than 15%, and avoid the bottom of the air intake from the front of the console to improve the internal cleanliness of the console;
  • Fast adaptive pressure closed-loop control technology;
  • Plasma discharge field detection technology;
  • Anti-collision boat technology for loading and unloading pieces;
  • Integrated industrial computer + Modular process control software;
  • Comprehensive power failure safety treatment and protection system for abnormity of flange water.
Item Technical Parameter
Types of film formation SiO、SiON 、SiN
Loading size 210mm(166mm,182mm,230mm can be  compatible
Loading capacity 680pcs/batch (166mm) ,620pcs/batch (182mm) ,504pcs/batch (210mm) ,432pcs/batch (230mm)
Coating thickness uniformity Intra-piece ≤4%;Inter-piece ≤4%; Inter-batch ≤3%(166/182mm
 Intra-piece ≤5%; Inter-piece ≤5%;  Inter-batch ≤3%(210/230mm
UP-TIME ≥98%
Range of working temperature 100~600°C
Temperature control 6-point temperature control, internal and external dual-mode control
Warming-up method Automatic slope heating and fast constant temperature function
Cooling method The latest patented technology, 6 temperature zone section control active cooling furnace body
Accuracy and length of constant temperature zone ±1°C/2500mm(500°C)
Single point temperature stability <±1°C/4h(500°C)
Warming-up time RT 450°C≤30min
Temperature control Dual-mode precise control
The ultimate vacuum of the system <3Pa
System air leak rate The rate of pressure rise after the pump is stopped and the valve is closed :<1Pa /min
Pressure control method Quickly adjust fully automatic closed loop
Process control method Fully automatic process control, multiple safety chain alarms
Human-computer Interactive interface LCD display, touch operation, process editing, online monitoring, authority management,
team management, networking functions
MES/CCRM Equipped
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