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Can be widely used in automation machine parts, molds, medical, electronics, machinery, automotive, aircraft, aerospace, shipbuilding, defense and other fields of product processing.
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1. The mechanical bed is made of castings, the material is stable and annealed to eliminate internal stress, ensuring long-term mechanical precision and life.
2. The column is a variable layer structure, which greatly improves the mechanical rigidity.
3. The three-axis screw rods are pre-tensioned in two sections, which are more rigid than single-ended pre-tensioning, have less influence on thermal variables, and have excellent precision stability.
4. The three-axis adopts the rail support, which can support heavy load and move quickly to ensure accurate positioning.
5. High-precision imported grinding grade ball screw, pre-tightening nut, higher transmission precision, ensuring long time mechanical error.
6. The rib reinforcement structure inside the spindle receptor provides stable support of the spindle to ensure reliable operation at high speed.
7. The moving parts are fully sealed and protected.
8. Gas source filtration: all Japanese SMC parts.
9. Automatic lubrication system: regular automatic oil supply system, long-term maintenance-free, grease lubrication, anti-drip, intimate maintenance.
10. Equipped with automatic tool change system to greatly improve processing efficiency.
No. Item Unit  HV855
1 Working area X/Y/Z axis stroke mm 800/520/550
2 Minimum distance from the spindle nose to the worktable mm 120~670
3 Work table Table size mm 1000*500
4 Max. load Kg 450
5 T-slot size mm 5-18*110
6 Main drive Max rotation speed rpm 12000
7 Max torque(S6 40% DC) Nm 95
8 Rated torque(S1 100% DC) Nm 45
9 Max power(S6 40% DC) Kw 15
10 Rated power(S1 100% DC) Kw 7
11 Tool charger Tool type   BT40
12 Tool magazine Pockets 24
13 Tool magazine form   Knife arm
14 Max tool diameter (full tools/adjacent tools) mm 80/150
15 Max tool length mm 350
16 Max tool weight Kg 8
17 Tool-tool change time(T to T) sec 3.9
18 Chip-chip change time(C to C) sec 5.9
19 Feed Feed velocity(X/Y/Z) m/min 30/30/30
20 Rapid moving speed(X/Y/Z) m/min 48/48/48
21 Acceleration(X/Y/Z) m/s2 10/10/10
22 Linear guide size(X/Y/Z) mm 35/35/35
23 Ball screw size(X/Y/Z) ∮* incline 32/32/40
24 Position accuracy(X/Y/Z) mm 0.01/300
25 Repeated accuracy(X/Y/Z) mm ±0.005
26 Mechnical data Mechnical size(with water tank) mm 2874*2575*2720
27 Mechnical weight(without water tank) Kg 4000
28 Control system   Mitsubishi  M80 or Siemens 828D 
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