Double sided PCBA laser marking
Double sided PCBA laser marking
Brief Description
1. Mark barcode, QR code, text, number and other information on PCB;
2. Double sided radium carving, using CO2 laser, marking up and down on both ends;
3. Coaxial CCD is adopted to realize positioning and code reading functions
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Overall performance of equipment
Equipment size: 1100 * 1550 * 1550mm (excluding three dimensions)
Color lamp height (actual size may vary slightly)
Equipment features: double head radium carving

CCD positioning code scanning system
CCD positioning code scanning system captures the mark point positioning of PCB board through CCD photography, and compensates the position deviation by computer to greatly improve the positioning accuracy. At the same time, read the marked one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code, upload the data and compare it through the MES system to confirm whether the mark is correct and whether it can be read correctly. When the code error is detected or cannot be read, the machine will automatically alarm and stop moving, waiting for the operator to deal with it

Technical parameter
Applicable PCB size range
length range: 50mm-500mm
Width range: 50mm-460mm
Thickness range: 0.8mm-6.5mm
Height of components on PCB board < 20mm
applicable height of loading and unloading production line 900mm, adjustable range: 880 ~ 930mm,
which can be adjusted by adjusting the foot cup
X-Y platform travel: 550 × 500mm,
movement speed
150 ~ 400mm / s, repeated positioning accuracy: ± 0.05mm
belt transmission speed about 100 ~ 400mm / S
overall dimension of working system: length,
width and height
1550mm in front and back × 1100mm left and right × 1550mm high
(actual size may vary
With a slight difference)
power requirements of workbench AC 220V single phase ± 5%, 50Hz
air source requirements 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa clean air, air inlet φ 8
total power of equipment about 6000W
total weight of equipment About 1000kg
Working principle
1. The whole machine is powered on respectively
2. Press the workbench start button, and the workbench will run automatically;
3. The marking machine receives the PCB board transmitted from the front assembly line and automatically positions, marks and verifies on both sides with CCD;
4. After calibration, it will be transported to the next process.
5. Repeat the above steps for the whole machine.

Environmental requirements for equipment use
1. The ambient temperature is required to be between 15-30 ℃, and air conditioning is required.
2. The humidity requirement is 40% - 80%. If there is no condensation, a dehumidifier should be installed.
3. Power supply grid requirements: 220V; 50Hz 。
4. Fluctuation of power supply grid: ± 5%, and the grid ground wire meets international requirements. Electronic automatic voltage stabilizing and current stabilizing devices shall be installed in areas where the voltage amplitude is more than 5%.
5. There shall be no strong electromagnetic signal interference near the installed equipment. Avoid radio transmitting stations (or relay stations) around the installation site.
6. Foundation amplitude: less than 50um; Vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. Avoid a large number of stamping and other machine tools and equipment nearby. The equipment space shall be smoke-free
Dust, avoid working environment with serious dust such as metal polishing and grinding.
7. Air pressure: 5-8KG / cm2.
8. Some environments should be equipped with anti-static floor and strengthened shielding.
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