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1. CNC Control System - Siemens SINUMERIK 828D
SINUMERIK 828D is equipped with all newest and most popular communication ports, CF cards, USB and RJ45 maintenance network ports, convenient for using.
Remote diagnosis function, which supports remote operation and fiber transfer, enables the speedy, simple and convenient maintenance.
Adopts perfect and excellent curved surface motion control technology, which improves the processing quality of workpiece surface meanwhile shortens the processing time.
Program GUIDE function, which shorten the processing time and improves the production efficiency.
Easy message function is optional , with which the processing state information of machine is convenient to botain through the mobile phone no matter where you are.

2. Perfect control system, keep strict attitude toward every detail.
All laser inspections take VDI/DGQ 3441 as inspection standard.
The positioning accuracy of X-Y-Z azis is controlled within ±0.005/300.
The repeated positioning accuracy of of X-Y-Z azis is controlled within ±0.003.
The circular contouring accuracy between two axes of XY, YZ, ZX is controlled within 0.005mm.
The acceleration of 3 axes is required to be no less than 12.5m/s2 (1.28G), so as to shorten the processing time and improve the production efficiency.

3. High speed precision spindle - 20000 rpm
The spindle is developed by Han's Laser and Taiwan spindle factory together.
Straight-junction spindle design ensures accuracy and accuracy of tapping.
Adopt floating unclamping design to ensure the bearing against the impact force, thus protect the accuracy service life form being effected.
The face milling cutter made from material of S45C and with diameter of 50mm processes the maximum milling capability, cutting depth is 1.75mm and removal efficiency of slag Q=120cc (20000 rpm).

4. Automatic tool change system, high capacity tool magazine, satisfies the modern high precision processing requirements.
Standard 21T..
The front-end tool change ensures the precision life of the spindle.
Standby tool function is available, shorten tool change time.
The best path to select the knife function to shorten the tool change time. 
Any knife can be completed in the shortest amount of time.

5. Servo drive system, high stability.
No. Item Unit HT-710
1 Working area X/Y/Z axis stroke mm 710/420/300
2 Minimum distance from the spindle nose to the worktable mm 180~480
3 Work table Table size mm 870*450
4 Max. load Kg 300
5 T-slot size mm 3-14*125
6 Main drive Max rotation speed rpm 20000
7 Max torque(S6 40% DC) Nm 40
8 Rated torque(S1 100% DC) Nm 19
9 Max power(S6 40% DC) Kw 19
10 Rated power(S1 100% DC) Kw 4.8
11 Tool charger Tool type   BT30
12 Tool magazine Pockets 21
13 Tool magazine form   BT30
14 Max tool diameter (full tools/adjacent tools) mm 100/140
15 Max tool length mm 250
16 Max tool weight Kg 3
17 Tool-tool change time(T to T) sec 1.8
18 Chip-chip change time(C to C) sec 2.8
19 Feed Feed velocity(X/Y/Z) m/min X 30/ Y 30/ Z 30
20 Rapid moving speed(X/Y/Z) m/min X 48/ Y 48/ Z 48
21 Acceleration(X/Y/Z) m/s2 12.5/12.5/12.5
22 Linear guide size(X/Y/Z) mm X 25/ Y 30/ Z 35
23 Ball screw size(X/Y/Z) ∮* incline 32*16
24 Position accuracy(X/Y/Z) mm 0.005/300
25 Repeated accuracy(X/Y/Z) mm ±0.003
26 Mechnical data Mechnical size(with water tank) mm 2420*1920*2380
27 Mechnical weight(without water tank) Kg 2850
28 Control system Siemens Sinumerik 828D Siemens 828D 
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