High precision five axis linkage welding system
High precision five axis linkage welding system
Brief Description
The system is mainly used for laser welding of components of wearable products.
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System introduction
The system is mainly used for laser welding of components of wearable products.
Equipped with a 5-dimensional electric platform, the system can realize the welding of multiple planes of components. It has obvious advantages for the welding of nonlinear components.
The system is also equipped with CNC operating system, which is convenient to control.

System characters
The special fixture of the system has ingenious design, high positioning accuracy and high yield
The system conforms to the ergonomic structure, and the software is humanized and easy to operate and use
The system has good compatibility, can replace fixtures to realize the production of different sizes.

Product advantages
The equipment can be switched quickly for products of various specifications
Automatic track adjusting device.
High performance, high cost performance ratio,
Customization based on customers’ requirement.

Widely used in IT manufacturing, electronic circuits, instruments and meters, mobile communication, hardware tools, household applications, kitchenware, precision machinery, building materials, jewelry, pharmaceutical packaging such industries.
System parameter
Configuration Technical parameters and description
Model  HW-X5-200
Laser  all  series of lasers
Control way PC + 5-axis linkage control, Galvanometer control 
Platform configuration  3 sets pf electric platforms, 1 set of rotary table
maximum synthetic speed of 5 axis   60rpm
Repeated positioning precision of motion platform <±0.005mm
Repeated positioning precision of rotary platform ±5″
Worktable  Single worktable
 Automation Degree   Manually loading and unloading,  automatically welding
Welding trail  Point, straight line, circle, square or any spatial curved figure of straight line and arc
Application scope Linear / nonlinear parts track   
Processing dimension 300X*300Y*200Z(mm)
Dimension   1750W*1400D*2200H(mm)
Torque  3N.M(A)、10N.M            
Power demand AV220V±10%/50Hz
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