MAiRA Series
MAiRA Series
Brief Description
MaiRA is the real first intelligent 7-axis collaborative robot, She highly integrates the latest sensors, perfectly realizes unprecedented artificial intelligence integration in the control system and application, and leads the cooperative robot into the
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3D visual perception
Equipped with precision 3D camera and point cloud imaging processor, it can scan sensitively and generate 3D images of objects, space and scene independently.

Intelligent control of speech recognition
Through voice command and dialogue, you can cooperate with MaiRA, improve efficiency and automatically store voice memory, MaiRA can recognize you at any time

Top intelligent integration
Head end collection: HDM touch screen button; 3D acoustic recognition technology of 360 ° panoramic microphone matrix, accurate response of 6-DOF electronic skin to gesture touch, 3D vision sensor, 6-DOF force torque sensor

Exquisite user experience
The touch screen remote control is easy to use, the operation interface is intuitive and quite easy to understand and learn. Can be directly carried out the image visualization operation without programming
Model ProS ProM ProL
Weight 53 kg (7-DOF)
49.5 kg (6-DOF)
55 kg (7-DOF)
51.5 kg (6-DOF)
56 kg (7-DOF)
52.5 kg (6-DOF
Payload 15-18kg 12-15kg 9-12kg
Arm reach 1100mm 1400mm 1600mm
Joint speed( Max) A1-A2 120°/S
A3-A4 150°/S
A5-A6 200°/S
A7 360°/S
Tool speed( Max) 4.5m/s
Repeatability ±0.01mm
I/O source 24V 600mA
IP level IP65
Route Complete internal wiring harness and trachea
Status indicator 7 color LED indicators
Safety level Pld Cat.3 / SIL3
Installation Any angel
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