HANS GT- FLY Pro Cutting Machine
HANS GT- FLY Pro Cutting Machine
Brief Description
1. Fully enclosed design
2. Hybrid machine with sheet and pipe cutting
3. Cypcut system
4. Motor in the center to remain the cutting speed when cutting metal sheet.
Categories Sheet metal cutting
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1.Pipe cutting is sealed inside of the machine protection housing, more safety for operator;
2..The pipe feeding device support max 1.5 meters every time, keep feeding for long pipe cutting, 6 meter and longer pipes still fine;
3.A ranges of clamp jigs can match with different metal profile: angle steel, channel steel and I-steel;
4.Adopts gantry structure, high strength steel welded frame, stress relief treatment, good rigidity;
5.Equip with high precision servo motor driving system, high torque, less deviation, high dynamic transmission system.
6.Autofocus head is optional, embedded application parameter database, easy for operation;
7.Safety protection housing and safety interlock design, more protection for operators;
8.Equipped with a special cutting platform to assist in the processing the long pipe work piece.

1 Machine body  
1.1 Driving system & servo motor YASKAWA(Japan)
1.2 High precision gear & reducer Gudel(Germany)
1.3 High precision rack Gambini (Italy)
1.4 High precision linear guide rail Rexroth (Germany)
2 CNC control system CypCut
3 Laser source IPG
4 Cutting head RAYTOOLS AG
5 Nesting software Embedded software
6 Gas circuit components  
6.1 Cylinder Airtac
6.2 Throttle valve, check valve, solenoid valve AIGNEP(Italy) , SMC(Japan)
7 Electrical components  
7.1 Contactor, air switch Schneider(France)
7.2 Connection terminal Weidmuller(Germany)
7.3 Photoelectric switch Mitsubishi (Japan)
7.4 Frequency converter Mitsubishi (Japan)

Technical Parameter
Model FLY Pro 4020/FLY Pro6020
The scope of work 4000mmX2000mm/6000mmx2000mm
Laser power 1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w/4000w/6000w
X-axis distance 4100mm/6100mm
Y-axis distance 2050mm
Z-axis distance 300mm
XYaxis Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m
XYaxisMaximum link age speed 140m/min
Maximum positioning acceleration 1.4g
The  host  weight 8T/10T
Scope  of  processing  pipes The  diameter  of  the  external  circle of  the  section  is  less  than  220mm
Maximum  workpiece weight  of  pipe 100kg
X1axis  distance 1500mm
X1 single axis positioning speed (MAX) 80m/min
AaxisMaximum  fixing  speed 100rpm
ABaxis Repositioning accuracy ±10″
With pipe cutting Machine dimension No pipe cutting 13mx3.6mx2.05 m (11mx3.6mx2.05m)
17.5m x3.6mx2.05m(15m x3.6mx2.05m)
Cutting sample
Cutting sample
Cutting sample
Cutting sample
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