Large format PCBA laser marking system HDZ-PCB6565AL
Large format PCBA laser marking system HDZ-PCB6565AL
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1、The equipment can realize the automatic loading and unloading, positioning, coding, reading and proofreading, automatic receiving, flipping and double-sided marking of large-size PCBA boards and packaging substrates (inner board, outer board) and other products.

2、Optional servo platform: the servo platform transmits power through high-precision ball screws, and is guided by high-precision linear guides, which can complete linear movement.

3. Optional linear platform: a motion control system integrated with linear motors and linear encoders as the main components, featuring high precision, fast speed and high response.

4. Automatic focusing system: high-precision automatic focusing system can ensure the coding quality of products with different thicknesses.

5. Adsorption fixture: Negative pressure adsorption and product board edge pressing structure, effectively ensuring the stability of coding.

6. Optional loading and unloading machine: The equipment is equipped with a customized loading and unloading trolley, which can realize stacking product loading and unloading, can be customized L-frame inclined vertical loading and unloading, and compatible with AGV trolley automatic loading and unloading, effectively improving production efficiency.

7. Optional plate turning machine: The equipment can be equipped with a customized plate turning machine to realize double-sided processing of the product, and can be equipped with a six-axis industrial robot to realize double-sided processing of single coding host or double-sided processing of double coding host in series.

Application areas:

1. Used in household appliances, office equipment, automotive circuits and other fields.

2. Meet the laser marking requirements of PCBA (FPC) circuit board manufacturers.

Equipment parameters
     machine type      HDZ-PCB6565AL
     Adapt to PCB board size      Min:100×100mm 
     Adapt to PCB board thickness      0.5mm-3mm
     Adapt to package substrate size      MAX:650*750mm
     Adapt to package substrate  thickness       0.2mm-4.2mm
     Laser light source      Can be equipped with: CO2, green light, ultraviolet, optical fiber
     Final machining position accuracy      ±0.1mm (CCD positioning)
     power supply      380V、50Hz
     Gas source      0.6-0.8MPa
     Equipment size     3090mm*2000mm*1950mm
3*3mm DM code marking
PCBA marking
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