F Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
F Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Brief Description
F fiber laser cutting machine is a well-established product innovated by Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group.
Categories Sheet metal cutting
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Cutting expert
We have innovated our laser cutting technique during past 10 years, now the ultra-fast laser cutting technique has widely used in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The latest cutting technique can also apply on non-ferrous metals includes aluminium & aluminium alloys, copper, brass, and zinc. The powerful CNC system and nesting software solves 100% difficulties for specific cutting and upgrade ahead of the precision and piercing speed during whole cutting process, and user-friendly.

Dynamic performance
F Series has a maximum position speed up to 200m/min, the double acceleration can reach up to 2.8G.

Leading techniques
We invest a lots in R&D of laser cutting techniques such as zero-second piercing, fly cutting, frog-jump, air cutting and many other techniques to reduce consumption and increase laser cutting efficiency. Furthermore, F series users can benefit from our latest innovative techniques contains laser cutting for laminate materials, impulse laser cutting for angel, frequency convert laser cutting technique and laser-power switch cutting.
Technical data G3015F G4020F G6020F G6025F
Working Area & Range Working Area 3000mm×1500mm 4000mm×2000mm 6000mm×2000mm 6000mm×2500mm
X axis 3050mm 4030mm 6030mm 6030mm
Y axis 1525mm 2020mm 2020mm 2520mm
Z axis 120mm 120mm 300mm 300mm
Accuracy X/Y axis
positioning accuracy
±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m(Length overall0.08 mm) ±0.03mm/m(Length overall0.08 mm)
X/Y axis
repositioning accuracy
±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Max. speed X/Y axis
positioning speed
120m/min 120m/min 100m/min 100m/min
X/Y axis
linkage speed
169m/min 169m/min 140m/min 140m/min
max acceleration
1.5G 1.2G 1.0G 1.0G
Weight & Dimensions Max.weight work-piece 900kg 1600kg 2900kg 3600kg
Weight 10000Kg 14000Kg 18000Kg 20000Kg
Length x Width x Height [1] 9081mm×2993mm×2155mm 11230mm×3470mm×2320mm 14900mm×3470mm×2320mm 14900mm×4020mm×2320mm
3mm carbon steel cutting
5mm brass
8mm carbon steel
25mm carbon steel cutting
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