Popular Science Tips: The influence of four levels of laser on human body
Release time:2022.11.11
Laser is a kind of light with concentrated energy, good directivity, and no dispersion. Low energy laser can directly shoot into the eyes, which can cause people to become temporarily blind. High energy laser mainly causes injuries to human body from burns by its light.
1. First level laser: harmless free laser. The laser emitted by this class of laser does not pose any danger to the human body in the process of use, that is, it will not damage the eyes even if it is used directly. No control demand is required for such lasers.
2. Second level laser: low power laser. The output laser power is low, it will not cause eye damage if you look at it occasionally, but you should not look at the laser beam directly for a long time. Otherwise, the fundus cells will be damaged by photons. But this kind of laser has no thermal damage to human skin.

3. Third level laser: medium power laser. When the output power of this laser is focused, the direct viewing of the beam will cause eye damage, but when the light is changed to non- focused, the diffuse reflection laser is generally not dangerous, and this type of laser has no thermal damage to the skin.
4. The fourth level laser: high-power laser. This kind of laser not only has its direct beam and mirror reflected beam damaged the eyes and skin, but also has serious damage, and its diffuse reflected light may also cause damage to the human eyes.

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