Han's welding robot helps to improve productivity
Release time:2022.06.17
With the continuous development of China's industrial manufacturing industry and the expansion of industrial production demand, intelligent manufacturing and automated manufacturing have gradually become the goals pursued by many enterprises.
Under the traditional industrial mode, the training cost of welding workers is high and it is difficult to retain personnel, which can not meet the needs of highly developed industrial production and manufacturing in the future. Therefore, with the continuous development and integration of advanced manufacturing technology and industrial robots, laser welding technology has begun to be well applied. Industrial robots are used for laser welding to replace the traditional manual welding operation.

In the early days, industrial robot laser welding still had to face challenges (such as inflexible machines, difficult programming, and long equipment debugging time), so that the goal of automatic laser welding could not be well realized. Until recently, the emergence of laser welding robot represented by Han's robot launched by Han's laser, the above problems were effectively solved.
Han’s robot is highly integrated with Han's laser, Han's laser swing welding head, Han’s robot, Han’s control system and Han’s water cooling equipment. Its laser welding machine covers a small area, can move flexibly, and can realize plane welding, vertical and overhead welding, arc welding and other welding processes, greatly improving the intelligence and automation of laser welding, greatly improving the welding efficiency and reducing the welding cost.

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